ZuluRanking system

A Novel Approach to Systems Ranking by ZuluTrade

Most trading sites that track systems performance will show you the best performing systems near the top. But usually this does not take into account how feasible this performance is in reality. For example, when a system opens more and more trades without first closing the previous ones, your account needs to have a lot of available margin (funds) to be able to open the new positions as they come.

But in reality, your account might be unable to open many positions at the same time due to margin requirements.

Our proprietary ZuluRank, system takes many parameters into consideration, like:

  • maturity (how long a system has been running for),
  • exposure (how many positions might be open at the same time)
  • drawdown (how many ups and dows the system has experienced)

in order to provide you with an easy way of viewing systems that are good performers and filter out feasible trading strategies that emphasize on providing solid and stable trading results, have normal trading cycles and avoid over-exposing your invested capital.

Please note that the ZuluRank system results are completely computer-generated. As a result, systems are sorted without regard to human viewpoints or strategy preferences, and you can always choose from a wide variety of systems that can match most styles of trading.

We will continue to improve ZuluTrade by adding more systems, fine-tuning our technology and providing our service to traders all around the world.