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Meet the Automator

New Features | Wednesday, February 1, 2017 6:03 AM GMT

The Automator is a flexible and powerful yet straightforward tool that Followers can use to create in essence their very own settings, by creating and automatically executing their own sets of rules. The Automator is able to monitor an account round the clock and automatically take the action the Followers themselves would have taken, following a simple logic of “IF… THEN…”. Let’s take a look at a couple of typical examples:

1.      if realized PnL of my account is more than $1000 then close all profitable trades
2.       if PnL (floating) of my account is more than $1500 then lock profit
As soon as the IF condition is met the Automator will take action to apply the THEN action.

How easy is it for me to use?

Very easy indeed! Just log in to your account and go to the Settings tab, where you may find the Automator option. 

Click on it and you will be redirected to a short and concise guide.
Once you have taken a look at the guide you can go on creating your first rules! Once saved, they will appear under the “My Rules” page where you may review, edit and manage all existing rules. 

From that point on, the Automator will be monitoring your account and any of the rules you have set is fulfilled, the Automator will take the corresponding action. If one of your rules is indeed activated you will receive a notification inside your account and a relevant email.  A key point to keep in mind is that for the time being, if any condition set is fulfilled and the Automator takes action, the corresponding rule will be disabled. It is possible to re-enable it manually from the My Rules page in your account. 

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