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Trader’s page. The first Glance!

Knowledge Crunch | Friday, March 12, 2021 12:12 PM GMT

The first impression plays a big role in almost every aspect of our lives and especially in investing. Visiting the page of a trader for the first time might seem quite intimidating and confusing however it shouldn’t be.
Here are some tips and tricks which can make this process easier and rewarding at the same time.

Start your analysis from the  USD tab instead of the Pips one.
Pips can be a skewed method of assessing the performance of a trading system.
Most modern systems use some kind of a money management technique, which allows the trader to be more agile and rapid in his drawdown recovery.
USD chart is equivalent to a correct pro-rata copy trading procedure. 
You will know immediately how much ROI and maximum drawdown you are about to experience analogically.

Social presence.
This might seem irrelevant but it’s not. A trader should be present in the social aspects of the platform. Strategy description, recommended settings, and logo should exist in a correct manner, and updates in social be performed once in a while, especially in drawdown periods. However some traders prefer their privacy, so there is a thin line here.

CopyTrade with ZuluTrade

This is where things might be a little complicated.

Let’s refer to the most important ones.

Simple, the closed+floating PNL of a trader in a specific timeframe. (i.e 1 year, 6 months, e.t.c)
Trades/Max open trades.
The number of closed trades and maximum open positions in a specific timeframe.
This helps you understand if the trader is using some kind of grid system where many positions are opened. Also, this helps you roughly calculate how many trades will be performed per each period.
Avg Trade Time
This is another important indicator on the trader’s behavior.
If the number is bigger than a couple of days then expect the strategy to be focused in a much bigger timeframe and possibly less closed trades in a daily time period.
Maximum Drawdown
This is also quite simple, what was the biggest drop in currency/pips from the highest point of the trader’s equity. This will give you a rough estimate on how much capital you should allocate to each trader analogically (pro-rata mode).
This metric is the one and only investors should worry about.
“How much do I have to risk”.
Having margin only for opening the positions of the trader is not enough and doing so puts your account’s balance in danger of a margin call.

Real Investors

This tab is the definition of transparency.
It answers the first question that pops into any customer’s mind.
“Does this product/service work?”
Well, check for yourself. See how many Live investors does each trader has and how many are in positive PNL and how many have lost money.
This will give you an idea of whether this trader was profitable in the past and though this does not mean that he/she will be in the future, it is far better than a trader with accumulated losses.

CopyTrade with ZuluTrade

That was all for the first trader’s page impression. But we are not done.
The platform has so much information and features and you need to comprehend them before benefiting from them.
So in the next chapter, we will analyze the Performance tab on the trader’s page and some of the best indications of a high-risk strategy.

Stay tuned!! 


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Every metric and the statistical number is a result of a past performance, which does not constitute a promise or a certainty for a future one.

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